sylveon gijinka cause he’s a qt pie

my trainer and her krookodile. fav pokemon ever! 

Hello, i’ve been missing so long due to irl stuff and now that i’m used to that i shall start drawing again. (i hope that lasts) 

I always start with drawing rin after a long long long hiatus dont i = w = 

For anon. :D Yap, I’m still alive! Sorry no obvious rin butt

First time doing proper digital painting since i usually do the lineart + color thing. I like how it turned out! 

I’m gonna try color painting for the next one!

another rin, cosplaying mami. okay i guess this is rather random but i dont really care

i think my stuff looks better when its unplanned dammit

to that anon who sent that ask im working on it so dont worry >)

a rin. I really need practise drawing again ;; 

thanks anon! (whoever you are) but i’m not really drawing much anymore so im not sure whether its still nice to you but heres a messy one anyways ;;

and you caught me at the right timing! just nice i’m having a short break from school = w =

= w = piggy backs 

kaito append cause i see too many fanarts i just had to do up one :B 

its long since i drew stuff and i missed the twins’ birthday damn. 

heres a rin sketch to revive sort of dead blog and well, happy belated birthday rin ; w ;